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Samuel Jurcic Takes  Pictures of His Dog Wearing Hilarious Costumes Made from Everyday Objects

model: Lal

There’s a new star on Instagram, and his name is Lal, a German shorthaired pointer owned by Stuttgart-based photographer Samuel Jurcic. Jurcic dresses up his dog in a variety of costumes made from items generally found around the house and takes clever portraits of Lal wearing the outfits. Lal seems to have no problem wearing the costumes while posing for the photos and his expressive eyes and quiet demeanor make for some lovely photogenic shots.


Tattooed Porcelain Ladies by Jessica Harrison

As spotted on The World’s Best EverJessica Harrison’s “Painted Ladies” are on view right now at Galerie LJ in Paris.


Meet your Microbes
follow Part of a Bigger Plan:

Directed by Bianca PiletConcept / creation: Snellenberg David (Dawn) Christian Borstlap (part of a larger plan) Music: “Firewalker” by Jungle fire, courtesy of Ubiquity RecordsThey’re on your tongue, armpits, in your gut and your skin. In fact, anywhere you can think of, there are microbes living on, under or in between there. In their incredibly large number, these microorganisms determine our lives - even if we never see them. Micropia, the first museum of micro-organisms in the world (next to the Artis Zoo Royal) in Amsterdam, révèlethe invisible world of microbes.Dawn and Part of a Bigger Plan and created a campaign for a movie Micropia - showing That There’s more tomicrobes than just viruses and fungi. You Could Even view microbes as friendly little critters: if only Because They Live In Their trillions on you. So meet your germs!

Meet your Microbes from Part of a Bigger Plan on Vimeo.


A couple shots from Pictoplasma’s Portraits exhibit at the MARCO in Monterrey.  Cheers to Peter and Lars for the invite!  Big sloppy love.

Photo credit: Pictoplasma

Check out the rest of the set here:


The Living Skeleton

・ ・ ・

Director: Hiroshi Matsuno

Director of Photography: Masayuki Katō


What Type of Camera Are You?: A Quiz to Find Your Inner Camera

Here’s a short quiz for finding your perfect camera type! Find out what you should be shooting with:


Creative Chocolate Skulls by Ruth and Sira Garcia

Ruth and Sira Garcia are two talented spanish artists : here, they interpret the vanitas in the form of a chocolate. With great attention to detail and a vivid imagination, the two artists had the good idea to associate the shape of the brain to walnut or gelled blackberry shapes.

(vía asylum-art)


Michael Borremans



Kim Kheradmandi aka Kimbo Gruff | on Tumblr

Obscure Planet. Acrylic & paint marker on canvas (2014)
Sitting. Acrylic, paint marker & collage on canvas (2014)
Lone. Acrylic, paint marker & collage on canvas (2014)
Chesterfield. Acrylic & paint marker on canvas (2009)
Untitled Portrait. Acrylic, paint marker & collage on canvas (2014)


Jeremy Fisher: Bruce Wayne, “The Batman”  2014

Artist on Tumblr -smellslikestopmotion | website | twitter

Bruce Wayne has come to an untimely end and now his remains stand as a trophy in some super-villian’s lair. Underneath the gadgets and imposing suit lies mere flesh and bone.

Photos by Sara Strimpel  

(vía asylum-art)


Jalal Sepehr - Water and Persian Rugs (2004)

(Fuente: urpdurp, vía horrorproportions)


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Two Acrobats 1933


With just a simple squeeze, the Colorup lamp will match the color of whatever its base is touching.

(vía bonexxxland)